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About Us

Double Tap Coalition started out as a firearm training academy in 2020 right as the pandemic began, while noticing an increasing need for firearms training with the gun sales on the rise.  We stepped in to become part of the solution as the number of first time fine owners grew exponentially. Many of our students quickly became family within our company as we became a pillar in the local community when it came to firearms and firearm safety. As many of our students became more active within the 2A community we saw the need for a gun club that could provide more training, resources, and social gatherings for us to share our passion towards the 2nd Amendment. Thus Double Tap Coalition Members Only Club was born. 


At DTC Members Only, we understand the importance of giving back. If you've been feeling the urge to do more, why not donate to Double Tap? Your donation will help us continue to provide more free courses, training, and emergency funds to those in need. Contact us for more information on how you can donate.

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